Hybrid Conferences

The Old Biscuit Mill Conference and Events is eager to be a part of the emerging technological transformation generation. As a premier local conferencing and meeting venue within Cape Town, we are proud to offer Hybrid Conferencing.

What is Hybrid Conferencing?

A future-proof solution, Hybrid Conferences efficiently joins the virtual world with the physical one. Using the most reliable and advanced technology, a Hybrid Conference consolidates online meet-ups within physical venues.

How Does Hybrid Conferencing Work?

The Old Biscuit Mill Conference & Events Centre has collaborated with reliable and specialised Tech & Audio Visual Partners to broadcast its virtual conference experience to one or multiple locations anywhere around the world - in real-time.

A hybrid conference includes both a physical and a virtual component:

Physical Conferencing

A physical venue is required, along with a presenter and members. This venue functions similar to a regular conference or meeting space, with sound, lighting, staging, projection and other technologies provided.

Virtual Conferencing

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