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Under the rustic beams of the Old Biscuit Mill, an enchanting blend of nature’s elegance and the warmth of candlelight converged during an extraordinary workshop. In a delightful partnership with House and Garden Magazine, this captivating event brought together the magic of candle-making and the art of terrarium design.

With the support of generous sponsors including TikTok SA, Fat Bastard Wines, Apotha Cafe, Elderflower, Style Mode, and Catrice, the workshop blossomed into a resounding success. The Old Biscuit Mill, already steeped in history, was transformed into a haven of creativity and inspiration, where participants explored the delicate balance between nature’s beauty and the comforting glow of handmade candles.

This memorable event was a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation, a true celebration of artistry and design that left all attendees enchanted and inspired.

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